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100 Reasons why I love you for boyfiend gift, 100 paper scrolls with love notes, Personalized boyfriend gift RH 2

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    A great heart box with reasons I love you written on paper scrolls


    ♥ Hand Made
    ♥ Plastic transperent plastic heart box with personalized picture on it
    ♥ paper scrolls with written text on them or blan paper scrolls if you choose that option


    ♥ box size 11 x 5 cm (4.3 x 2 ")
    ♥ paper scrolls size 10.5 x 3.3 cm (4.1 x 1.3 ")

    Colors of products may vary slightly from the photos shown.


    ♥ You may buy blank paper scrolls. They may be written with our text or your custom reasons ( the price is higher )
    ♥You may chose a different colour for your paper scrolls .


    These are our reasons we offer. If you want your custom ones, please buy the option for custom reasons and send your text in the personalization box

    1. I love how I can trust you with my life.
    2. I love when you laugh at me when I get things wrong. (Who’s fighting in Afghanistan?)
    3. I love how you don’t take crap from anyone, except me… lol.
    4. I love when we wrestle.
    5. I love when you let me beat you when we wrestle.
    6. I love when you get mayonnaise on your chips.
    7. I love when I have to lean over when you have crotch pants.
    8. I love how you talk to my face, not my boobs (most of the time).
    9. I love when you stare into my eyes for ages.
    10. I love how I’m not afraid to be myself when I’m with you…alone….in our bed.
    11. I love that when we lie together, we fit perfectly.
    12. I love when you smell my hair.
    13. I love your ridiculous, angry-looking sex face.
    14. I love that you know exactly what turns me on.
    15. I love that I could just lie with you forever.
    16. I love how I haven’t given up on you.
    17. I love that you can have any girl that you want, but you still choose me.
    18. I love that we miss each other even when we saw each other yesterday.
    19. I love how you’ll always be there for me to talk to.
    20. I love when you talk to me about kids.
    21. I love that you mean more to me than anything else in the world.
    22. I love how you always have the right thing to say to me.
    23. I love that you’d stand up for me in an argument, whether I was right or wrong.
    24. I love how we stay up too late talking about our future.
    25. I love when we talk on the phone for hours, even though it only feels like ten minutes.
    26. I love that you still love me even though you’ve seen me looking terrible.
    27. I love how you say, ‘I love you, sweetie.’
    28. I love that you can’t stay in a mood with me for long.
    29. I love our memories.
    30. I love how I need you.
    31. I love how you haven’t given up on me yet.
    32. I love how you let me watch on TV what I want:
    33. I love how you need me.
    34. I love our days together.
    35. I love our plans.
    36. I love our holidays together.
    37. I love our nights out
    38. I love everything you do that makes you the most amazing boyfriend in the world!
    39. I love our walks.
    40. I love how we just can’t leave each other.
    41. I love that over time, as I look at you, I love you more and more.
    42. I love that we argue about who loves who most.
    43. I love your nicknames for me…
    44. I love that you comfort me when I cry for no reason on the phone.
    45. I love how you always know when something is wrong.
    46. I love that your letters never fail to make me cry.
    47. I love how you hold me when I’m scared.
    48. I love how you tell me everything will be ok.
    49. I love how you forgive me straight away when I do something that makes you angry.
    50. I love that you respect my feelings.
    51. I love when you explain things to me when I get confused.
    52. I love how you cope with my stresses.
    53. I love how you make an effort with my friends.
    54. I love when you put me first.
    55. I love when you dance with me even though you don’t want to.
    56. I love how you listen to my opinions and don’t ignore me because I’m a girl.
    57. I love how you love me just the way I am.
    58. I love that you always give me your jacket when I’m cold.
    59. I love how you give me the choice of what we should do.
    60. I love the times when we’ve both been so low but, somehow, you managed to make me smile.
    61. I love How you treat me like no one else has treated me, like I actually matter.
    62. I love that you love me
    63. I love that you tell me secrets that your friends don’t even know.
    64. I love the cute face you make when you're trying to take off my bra.
    65. I love our bed.
    66. I love when you give me a massage.
    67. I love the way that you treat me.
    68. I love to take care of you.
    69. I love when you embarrass me at the park.
    70. I love when we play some games together
    71. I love when we watch a romantic film.
    72. I love Wwhen you play our songs.
    73. I love when you ask about my family.
    74. I love going for meals with your parents.
    75. I love our walks to the shop.
    76. I love when you secretly buy me things.
    77. I love being in the car with you.
    78. I love being at home with you
    79. I love when you kiss me and the whole world disappears and everything is perfect.
    80. I love how you can get me out of a bad mood (even if it’s you who put me in it).
    81. I love that just thinking about you makes me smile.
    82. I love how you can always make a bad day good.
    83. I love the way your arms feel around me.
    84. I love the way I feel safe when I’m with you.
    85. I love how you always know how to make me laugh.
    86. I love that you always tell me I look beautiful (even when I don’t!).
    87. I love that you make me feel like the most special girl in the world.
    88. I love how you can always make my troubles go away with ‘I love you.’
    89. I love how you’ve helped me remember who I really am, not who other people want me to be.
    90. I love when you hold my hand.
    91. I love when you text me like five minutes after I’ve left your house.
    92. I love when you don’t wake me up when I fall asleep
    93. I love you.
    94. I love your letters.
    95. I love your texts.
    96. I love when you annoy me on purpose.
    97. I love when you share your candy with me.
    98. I love when we sit in the garden.
    99. I love when you walk in the common room and give me that cheeky smile.
    100. I love our nights in.


    ♥ Select the colour of the paper scroll
    ♥Select from 3 options of the paper scrolls text:

    - blank scrolls
    - our reasons scrolls
    - custom reasons scrolls

    ♥ At checkout add your personalization in the box .

    - send us a good quality picture for the top of the heart box

    - Send is your custom reasons if you have bought this option

    ♥ I keep my right to use for selling every custom quote I receive
    ♥ Custom work is non-returnable/non-refundable

    Colors of products may vary slightly from the photos shown.



    If you have any questions , please contact me, thank you!!